AP SA2 (9th Class) Syllabus & Time Table 2023 Download Question papers

AP SA2 Syllabus & Time Table 2023 : AP Summative 2/ Summative Assessment 2 (SA 2) Syllabus for 9th Class for all subjects Telugu, Hindi, English, Maths, Social, General Science. Students can download AP Summative Assessment 2/SA 2 CCE Telugu, Hindi, English, Maths, Science, Social 2023 . AP Summative 2 Syllabus for all subjects and Also available 6th,7th,8th,9th Exam Question Papers details in our article

AP SA2 Time table & Syllabus 2023

Name of the ExamAP SA2 Examinations
Name of the Board:Andhra Pradesh Board of Secondary Education
Examination TypeSA2 Examination
Exam Start Date: 22nd April 2023 to 4th May 2023
Official Website:bseap.org

AP SA2 9th Class All Subjects Syllabus

AP SA2 9th Class Telugu Syllabus:

  • శాంతికాంక్ష
  • స్వభాష
  • శివతాండవం
  • ప్రేరణ
  • పద్యరత్నాలు
  • ప్రబోధం
  • ఆడినమాట
  • చూడడమనే కళ
  • భూమి పుత్రుడు
  • బతుకు పుస్తకం
  • ధర్మదీక్ష
  • స్వామి వివేకానంద
  • నేనూ సావిత్రీబాయిని
  • నేనెరిగిన బూర్గుల
  • గిడుగు వేంకట రామమూర్తి
  • ఆచార్య భద్రిరాజు కృష్ణమూర్తి
  • ధృవతారలు
  • లేఖలు
  • వ్యాసాలు

AP SA2 9th Class Hindi Syllabus:

  • जिस देश में गंगा बहती है..
  • गानेवाली चिड़िया
  • बदलें अपनी सोच
  • उपवाचक Chapter 1 तारे ज़मीं पर
  • प्रकृति की सीख
  • फुटबॉल
  • बेटी के नाम पत्र
  • उपवाचक Chapter 2 सम्मक्का-सारक्का जातरा
  • मेरा जीवन
  • यक्ष प्रश्न
  • रमज़ान
  • उपवाचक Chapter 3 बुद्धिमान बालक
  • अमर वाणी
  • सुनीता विलियम्स
  • जागो ग्राहक जागो!
  • उपवाचक Chapter 4 अपना स्थान स्वयं बनायें
  • पत्र लेखन
  • निबंध लेखन
  • शब्दकोश

AP SA2 9th Class English Syllabus:

Unit 1: Humour

  • The Snake and the Mirror
  • The Duck and the Kangaroo (Poem)
  • Little Bobby

Unit 2: Games and Sports

  • True Height
  • What is a Player? (Poem)
  • C. V.V.S. Laxman, Very Very Special

Unit 3: School Life

  • Swami is Expelled from School
  • Not Just a Teacher, but a Friend (Poem)
  • Homework

Unit 4: Environment

  • What is Man without the Beasts?
  • The River (Poem)
  • Cant Climb Trees Any More

Unit 5: Disasters

  • A Havoc of Flood
  • Grabbing Everything on the Land (Poem)
  • The Ham Radio

Unit 6: Freedom

  • A Long Walk to Freedom
  • Freedom (Poem)
  • An Icon of Civil Rights

AP SA2 9th Class Maths Syllabus:

Unit-I: Real numbers

Unit-II: Polynomials and factorization

UnitIII: The elements of Geometry

Unit-IV: Lines and Angles

Unit-V: Coordinate Geometry

Unit-VI: Linear equations in two variables

Unit-VII: Triangles

Unit-VIII: Quadrilaterals

UnitIX: Statistics

Unit-X: Surface areas and volumes

Unit-XI: Areas

Unit-XII: Circles

Unit-XIII: Geometrical Constructions

Unit-XIV: Probability

Unit-XV: Proofs in Mathematics

AP SA2 9th Class Science Physics Syllabus:

  • Motion
  • Laws of Motion
  • Is Matter Pure?
  • Atoms and Molecules
  • What is inside the Atom?
  • Chemical Reactions and Equations
  • Reflection of Light at Curved Surfaces
  • Gravitation
  • Floating Bodies
  • Work and Energy
  • Sound
  • Units and Graphs

AP SA2 9th Class Science [Biology] Syllabus:

  • Cell its Structure and Functions
  • Plant Tissues
  • Animal Tissues
  • Movement of Materials Across the Cell Membrane
  • Diversity in Living Organism
  • Sense Organs
  • Animal Behaviour
  • Challenges in Improving Agricultural Products
  • Adaptations in Different Ecosystems
  • Soil Pollution
  • Bio Geo Chemical Cycles

AP SA2 9th Class Social Syllabus:

  • Our Earth
  • The Natural Realms of the Earth
  • Hydrosphere
  • Atmosphere
  • Biosphere
  • Agriculture in India
  • Industries in India
  • Service Activities in India
  • Credit in the financial system
  • Prices and cost of living
  • The Government Budget and taxation
  • Changing cultural traditions in Europe 1300-1800
  • Democratic and Nationalist revolutions in 17th and 18th centuries
  • Democratic and Nationalist revolutions in 19th Century
  • Industrialization and Social Change
  • Social Protest movements
  • Colonialism in Latin America, Asia and Africa
  • Impact of Colonialism in India
  • Expansion of Democracy
  • Democracy: An Evolving Idea
  • Human Rights and Fundamental Rights
  •  Women Protection Acts
  • Disaster Management
  • Traffic Education