AP SA2 Syllabus & Time Table 2023 Download 7th Class Summative Assessment Model papers

AP SA2 Syllabus & time table 2023 Detailed Subject wise and class wise syllabus is available in the below mentioned article. We have provided all the information regarding AP SA2 7th Class Syllabus, Textbooks, Lesson Wise Videos. The AP SA2 Examinations will be deemed as Annual Examinations for the year 2023. AP SA2 7th Class All Subjects Question Papers And Answer Keys 2023 Available

AP SA2 7th Class All Subjects Syllabus and time Table 2023

Name of the ExamAP SA2 Examinations
Name of the Board:Andhra Pradesh Board of Secondary Education
Examination TypeSA2 Examination
Exam Start Date22nd April 2023 to 4th May 2023
Official Website:bseap.org

AP SA2 Timetable for 7th Class:-

Exam Date7th Class
22-04-2023First Language Composite Telugu
23-04-2023Second Language
25-04-2023English Paper
26-04-2023Mathematics Paper
28-04-2023General Science
30-04-2023Social Studies Paper
25-04-2023Composite Sanskrit/ Hindi/ Arabic/ Persia & OSSC (Sanskrit/ Arabic/ Persia)

AP SA2 7th Class All Subjects Syllabus

AP SA2 7th Class Telugu Syllabus:


స్రీలు పొంగిన జీవగడ్డ
అతిధి మర్యాద
మేలిమి ముత్యాలు
ప్రక్రుతి ఒడిలో
అద్భుతమైన సెలవలు


పిల్లలకు ఉత్తరం
ఏడు చేతుల రాకాసి చెట్టు (ఉపవాచకం)


తెలుగు వెలుగులు
బాల్య క్రీడలు


సీత ఇష్టాలు
ఆడిన మాట
అసామాన్యులు (ఉపవాచకం)

AP 7th Class Hindi Syllabus:

  •  मन करता है
  • सच्चा दोस्त
  • अगर पेड़ भी चलते होते
  •  हिंदी दिवस
  • चूहे को मिली पेंसिल
  • अपना प्यारा भारत देश
  • आसमान गिरा
  • बादल
  • छुट्टी पत्र
  • नन्हा मुन्ना राही हूँ
  • चारमीनार
  •  हमारे त्यौहार
  • स्वच्छता और स्वास्थ्य
  • गुसाडी
  • प्यारी बिटिया
  • कबीर के दोहे
  • साहसी सुनीता
  • घंटे की आवाज़
  • आत्मविश्वास कंजूस सेठ
  • पत्र लेखन
  • निबंध
  • शब्दकोश

AP SA2 7th Class English Syllabus:

  • Painted House, Friendly Chicken and Me
  • The Turning Point
  • A Journey through the Hills and Valleys
  • The Brave Little Bowman
  • The Art of Weaving
  • The Why – Why Girl
  • The Bond of Love
  • Gurajada – The Legend

AP SA2 7th Class Maths Syllabus:

Unit-I: Integers

Unit-II: Fractions, Decimals and Rational numbers

Unit-III: Simple equations

Unit-IV: Lines and angles

Unit-V: Triangle and its properties

Unit-VI: Ratio – applications

Unit-VII: Data handling

Unit-VIII: Congruence of triangles

Unit-IX: Construction of triangles

Unit-X: Algebraic equations

Unit-XI: Exponents

Unit-XII: Quadrilaterals

Unit-XIII: Area and perimeter

Unit-XIV: Understanding 3D and 2D Shapes

Unit-XV: Symmetry

AP SA2 7th Class Social Syllabus:

      • The Universe and the Earth
      • Forests
      • Learning through Maps
      • Delhi Sultanate
      • Kakatiya Kingdom
      • Vijayanagara Emphire
      • Mughal empire
      • Bhakthi – sufi
      • Indian Constitution – An Introduction
      • State Government
      • Road Safety Education
      • Markets around us
      • Women Change the world

AP SA2 7th Class Science Syllabus:

  • Food for Health
  • Nature of Substances
  • Nutrition in Organisms
  • Respiration and Circulation
  • Motion and Time
  • Electricity
  • Reproduction in Plants
  • Wonders of Light
  • Heat, Temperature and Climate
  • Changes Around Us
  • Fibres and Fabrics
  • Soil and Water