Connect AP CM Android app to Directly Communicate with AP People – Named Kaizala ( Download)

Connect AP CM Android app to Directly Communicate with AP People – Named Kaizala ( Download here)

Kaizala app AP CM
AP CM Chandrababu during launch of AP CM Connect app -Kaizala

High tech Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Mr. Nara Chandra Babu Naidu once again shown his vision towards 2050 by launching Kaizala app which will be used as AP CM Connect with people of Andhra Pradesh. Connect-CM app developed by Microsoft Corporation. This app previously used during Krishna Pushkaram was a big sucess. Now the revolutionary CM Chandrababu has taken this big step against corruption in Govt. offices.

Why Kaizala App for AP CM?

If you ever went to any govt. office for any kind of work, Officials in the Office may ask for Bribe to complete your work. Whom do you complain? If you complain their super officials, there are chances of ignoring your complaint and threaten you. With Kaizala app one can directly complain to CM. Then he can take actions at super fast speed. The idea behind this app is to provide perfect solutions to every citizen’s problems.

Which type of problems will be addressed?

Kaizala android app is free to download from Google play store. Any type of complaint can be lodged through the app like Facilities in Hospitals, Water issues, Rashion issues etc., can be taken directly to AP CM notice.

How to Download the Kaizala app ( Connect CM)

kaizala apk

Kaizala app can be downloaded directly from Google play store which is available in every Android Phone. You may use below link to download the android application. After installation it asks your phone number to activate. After entering the phone number the app will be successfully activated.

Download Connect AP CM app from Playstore : Click Here to Download Kaizala App

What are the features in Kaizala App?

All you need is a 2G Internet connection & a smartphone to work with Kaizala app.

Some Actions available with Kaizala android app are:

* Announcement – Make key announcements or share updates
* Job – Assign jobs to people and track completion status
* Let’s Meet – Invite people to meetings and confirm their availability status
* Live Location – Request live location and help people find their way
* Photo with Location – Share a picture with your current location
* Quick Poll РAsk a question and get people’s opinion
* Request Location – Request people to share their location
* Share Location – Share your location with others
* Submit Bill – Submit your bills and expenses
* Survey – Ask a series of questions and get people’s opinions

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