Guidelines on Interstate Transfers between AP and Telangana Employees

Guidelines on Interstate Transfers between AP and Telangana

Hyderabad: Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have released guidelines on inter-state transfers of Telugu state secretaries. Local District, Zonal, Multi zonal cadre allowed for transfers. Local authorities have issued orders for the transfer of spouse in the case. Interpolations have been made possible based on the recommendations made by the Special Committee on Inter-State Transfers.

AP Chief Secretary Dinesh Kumar and Special Chief Secretary Satish Chandra worked on framing the guidelines and made efforts to reduce the chances of clash with Telangana government over administrative issues during the inter-State transfers. Both States also constituted separate committees to receive and check transfer applications before forwarding it to the General Administration Department for final orders.

The AP government has finalised guidelines for inter-state transfers of staff between it and TS. Under this, a government employee working in one state opting to go to the other Telugu state will lose seniority, according to the information available.

The equal number transfer formula would be confined to 13 AP gazetted officers and 104 gazetted officers of AP-origin working in TS will have to remain there.

The general administration department has framed certain guidelines keeping in view possible questions from the TS government.

For example, if some 100 gazetted officers of AP origin working in TS want to return to their native state, the AP government would initially check the availability of posts in the same cadre. If the number is around 50, then only 50 gazetted officers would be given posting in AP, and the rest have to stay back in Telangana state.

The same formula will apply in the case of officials working in AP and heading for TS. “These inter-state transfers are subject to the number of available posts with respective governments and the norms prepared in the zonal system,” a bureaucrat said. The file is pending with Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu for final clearance.

This exercise has been going on after the AP Reorganisation Act took effect, and there have been a series of meetings in this regard.

Panel to check transfer pleas
The Presidential Order governing zonal system in the two Telugu states will play a vital role in inter-state transfers.

The exercise of drawing up the guidelines was done by Chief Secretary Dinesh Kumar and special chief secretary Satish Chandra, who have made an effort  to reduce chances of a clash with the TS government over administrative issues.

A committee constituted by the government will receive the transfer applications in a standard format. After scrutiny, those will be sent to the general administration department for final orders.

Under these guidelines, state, zonal and district-level employees, lecturers and teachers are also eligible for inter-state transfers.

In the zonal system, 85 per cent is reserved for the local quota and 15 per cent is the general quota.

This will be applicable under spousal grounds also, subject to the condition of the number of posts and positions both the states have agreed for.

“Under any circumstances, both the states have to honor the number formula,” a bureaucrat involved in this exercise said. It may be recalled that inter-state transfers related to Secretariat and heads of department offices were already given approval earlier by the government.

As per those norms, around 60 non-gazetted officers working in Telangana Secretariat and HoD offices would be given postings in Andhra Pradesh.

“Employees transferred on request shall be assigned last rank next to the last regular candidate in the new state as is being done in case of inter-local cadre transfers under para 5(2) (c) & 5(2) (d) of presidential order and also the employee should forego seniority/lien in the existing state”, said the order signed by Telangana and AP chief secretaries SP Singh and Dinesh Kumar respectively. However, the employee’s pay scale will be protected. Both states have decided to effect interstate transfers of local cadre which include district, zonal and multi-zonal posts and state cadre employees. As per the guidelines, interstate transfer of local cadre or state cadre employees either on spouse grounds or on mutual basis as provided under para 5(2)(c) and 5(2)(d) of Presidential will only be considered. Those seeking interstate transfer have to apply to the head of the department in a prescribed format within two months from the date of issue of the guidelines. The administrative department concerned will process the applications and send it to special chief secretary or principal secretary for the approval and necessary verification. The transfers are permissible one time in the entire service but there should be a clear vacancy to effect the transfer.

In case of transfer on spouse grounds, one spouse working on regular basis in state government should show evidence of local status of one of the spouses. The other spouse must be working in the government service on a regular scale. Those who have a working spouse in a private organization will not be considered for the transfer. As the transfer is on request basis, the employee is not entitled for any TA and DA. The guidelines also asked the departments proposing inter-state transfers between two local bodies (ZP/Mandal Parishad /Muncipalities) to follow the same guidelines while processing the cases.

In respect of teachers, interstate transfers are permissible only between the same managements and same category, subject (in case of mutual transfers) in both the state governments.

 Employees transferred on request shall be assigned last rank next to the last regular candidate in the new state as is being done in case of inter-local cadre transfers under para 5(2) (c) & 5(2) (d) of presidential order and also the employee should forego seniority/lien in the existing state.

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