Niloufer Hospital Rucruitment 2017 – 569 posts of Doctors, Nurses and other Vacancies

HM&FW Department – DME – Sanction of (569) regular posts in Niloufer Hospital, Hyderabad

niloufer hospital jobsTelangana Govt. issued notification for 569 new posts in Niloufer Hospital, Hyderabad. These posts includes Doctors, Nurses, Para Medical Staff and other Medical Employee vacancies. The note was issued by Finance Secretary of TS State Mr. Sivasankar.M ore over 37 outsourcing employees also to be taken in Niloufer Hospital. The vacancies will be carriedout as New 500 bed incentive care unite in being setup in the Niloufer Hospital.

In the reference 1st & 3rd read above, Government have accorded administrative sanction for construction of 500 bedded Intensive Care Block at Niloufer Hospital, Hyderabad.

  1. In the reference 4th read above the HM&FW Department have accordingly proposed for sanction of additional posts in various categories of Niloufer Hospital in the State of Telangana under administrative control of Director of Medical Education as per the MCI norms.
  2. After careful examination of the proposal of the HM&FW Department, Government hereby sanction (569) (Five Hundred and Sixty Nine only) posts in various categories on regular basis in Niloufer Hospital under the administrative control of Director of Medical Education, Telangana as shown below:


SpecialtyNo. of UnitsDesignationNo. of PostsScale of Pay (in Rs.)
1Pediatrics6Professor637400 – 67000 (UGC)
Associate Professor615600- 39100 (UGC)
Assistant Professor1215600- 39100 (UGC)
2Neonatology3Professor337400 – 67000 (UGC)
Associate Professor315600-39100 (UGC)
Assistant Professor615600-39100 (UGC)
3Obstetrics & Gynecology4Professor437400 – 67000 (UGC)
Associate Professor415600-39100 (UGC)
Assistant Professor815600-39100 (UGC)


1Professor137400 – 67000 (UGC)
Associate Professor115600-39100 (UGC)
Assistant Professor215600-39100 (UGC)
5Anesthesia2Professor237400 – 67000 (UGC)
Associate Professor215600-39100 (UGC)
Assistant Professor415600-39100 (UGC)




SpecialtyNo. of UnitsDesignationNo. of PostsScale of Pay (in Rs.)
6Radiology1Professor137400-67000 (UGC)
Associate Professor115600-39100 (UGC)
Assistant Professor215600-39100 (UGC)
7Pathology1Professor137400 – 67000 (UGC)
Associate Professor115600-39100 (UGC)
Assistant Professor215600-39100 (UGC)
8Microbiology1Professor137400-67000 (UGC)
Associate Professor115600-39100 (UGC)
Assistant Professor215600-39100 (UGC)
9Biochemistry1Professor137400-67000 (UGC)
Associate Professor115600-39100 (UGC)
Assistant Professor215600-39100 (UGC)
10Ophthalmology Assistant Professor215600-39100 (UGC)
11RMO Dy. CS RMO249870-100770 (UGC)
CAS RMO640270 – 93780
CAS Blood Bank240270 – 93780


 Asst. Director140270 -93780
Administrative Officer135120 -87130
Office Superintendent128940 -78910
Senior Assistant1022460 -66330
Junior Assistant616400 -49870
13Nursing Staff Superintendent Gr – I240270 – 93780
Superintendent Gr – II635120 – 87130
Head Nurse1629760 – 80930
Staff Nurse28125140 – 73270
MPHA (F)5221230-63010
14Technical Staff & Others MPHEO125140-73270
Health Inspector422460-66330
Chief Dietician149870-100770
Medical Record Officer128940-78910
Medical record Clerk416400-49870
Junior Engineer (Health Equipment Repair Unit)131460-84970
Electric Engineer / Supervisor131460-84970
Pharmacist Gr – I124440-71510
Pharmacist Gr – II821230-63010




SpecialtyNo. of UnitsDesignationNo. of PostsScale of Pay (in Rs.)
   Lab Technician3621230-63010
   Blood Bank Technical Supervisor121230 -63010
   Blood Bank Technician721230 -63010
   Audiometry Technician221230 -63010
14Technical Staff Early Interventionist / Physiotherapist223100-67990
& Others Rehabilation Assistant216400 – 49870
   Speech Therapist226600 – 77030
   CT Scan Technician422460 – 66330
   MRI Technician322460 – 66330
   EEG Technician422460 – 66330
   ECG Technician622460 – 66330
   Radiographers623100 -67990
 Total  569 
  1. Permission is also hereby accorded to outsource the following multi-purpose functions in Niloufer Hospital at a cost not exceeding Rs.15.00 lakhs per month in terms of the orders issued in G.O.Rt.No.2246, Finance (SMPC) Department, dt.07.06.2007.
Sl.No.Name of the function
1Ayahs/ Ward boys
2Lift operator
3Lab Attendants
4Theatre Assistants
9Office Assistants/ Attenders
11Chlorination Mazdoor
12Drainage Cleaning
15Boiler Attendant
16Darkroom attendants
20General Mechanic
21Data Entry Operator


Sl.No.Name of the function
22Medico Social Workers
23Instrument Mechanic (Medical Equipment)
24Telephone Operator
25Oxygen Technicians
27Assist. Librarian
28Computer Maintenance Technologists
29Computer Programmer
30AC Plant Supervisor
31Oxygen Plant Supervisor
32Sr. Sanitary Inspector
34Dark room Assistants
35Plumbing Technician
  1. The HM&FW Department shall obtain concurrence of Finance (HRM) Department before initiating measures to fill up the posts sanctioned in this order, wherever service rules prescribed direct recruitment.
  2. The HM&FW Department is requested to take necessary further action in the matter accordingly.

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