AP swachhata pakhwada Celebrations | Swachha Vidyalaya (From1.09.17 to 15.09.17)

Sub: SCERT, AP, Amaravati — School Education Department — Observing swachhata pakhwada from 1″ to 15th September 2017- Uploading best practices related to Swachha Vidyalaya- in               Shagun Portal – Req.-Reg.

Ref:- 1) Govt. Memo. No. 6165520/Prog.A1/2017. Dated 24.06.2017 along with D.O.  Lr. No. 27-8-                 2014-EE.16. Dated: 19-05-2017 of the Joint Secretary, Dept of School Education & Literacy,               MHRD, 001, New Delhi.
2) R.C.No.315/A &1/2017-2 OF Commissioner of School Education.dt.09-07-2017.
3) R.C.No.221/B/SCERT/2017 dt.1-08-2017

Government of India, MHRD issued instructions to implement swachhata Pakhawada across India. MHRD instructed all the states to issue necessary instructions to all officers/ Institutions to observe Swachhata Pakhawada from 1st — 15th September, 2017 with the theme of focused engagement with teachers and ensure participation of teachers, children, parents, local people and representatives in the programme at the district level and state level with suggested activities. At this juncture MHRD GOI given instructions to upload best practices related to Swatch Vidyalaya on Shagun Portal by 5-08-2017 without fail.

Hence all the DEOs are informed through Ref-3 cited above to give necessary instructions down the line to upload best practices related to Swachha Vidyalaya in Shagun Portal on or before 5th September without fail. Most of the districts havent’t uploaded any. Please see that best practices to be uploaded now at least in the Shagun Portal.

In this connection S.C.E.R.T.A.P. has developed

  1. CD with collection of 6 motivational videos of Swachha Bharath and Swachha Vidyalaya.
  2. Pledge for Swatch Vidyalaya
  3. 6 songs on Swatch vidyalaya
  4. Schedule for 15 days
  5. Brochure

For proper implementation of the programme as per the guidelines of MHRD, 001. S.C.E.R.T. has developed all the above . The District Educational Officer in coordination with Project Officer S.S.A and by identifying the Community Mobilization Officer of S.S.A. as the nodal of the programme has to see that,

  1. The soft copy of CDs to be disseminated to all schools for motivating all teachers

and students and in turn the community towards Swachhata.

  1. Swachhata Pledge to be uttered in the daily assembly from 1st to 15 th September along with regular pledge.
  2. 6 songs to be practiced and sung by the children regularly. SCERT will develop tunes for all songs and will upload in Youtube. With the help of youtube link teachers can play them from their smart phones for easy dessimination.
  3. 4.15   days schedule   is  prepared.    Already    holidays  were excluded  so the schedule  for all the  days  should  be  followed    strictly   without    any   deviation.    The  schedule  is also   incorporated    in the brochure.
    5.   Soft  copies    of  Brochure   is   here    with    enclosed   .    printing      and  supplying     of
    brochures  is  to be completed    well   in  advance before the start of the programme.

    Printing    of brochure   has to be taken  up immediately.      Brochure    must  be in A4 size  90 GSM paper   with   multi   colour  oil   print.   District    Educational    Officer has to see that every teacher  in the  district   should get one copy of brochure,   so  that they  can make  their   students   practice  pledge    and  songs.    Hence    every  district    has   to  print brochures@     I    per each teacher  and I0 more additional    copies   to each  school.
    The   approximate   cost   of  each   brochure   should    not  exceed   1.50    Rs   or  the  best
    available    rates in  your   district.    The  budget will be borne by SCERT after submission of action   taken report with photos and utilization     certificates  and   IO sample    brochures to the Director    S.C.E.R.T.
    The  District   Educational     Officer  in  coordination    with PO,SSA   and CMO as
    nodal   officer has  to take the responsibility      for running this  programme  successfully    in your districts.    S.C.E.R.T.  will   take the responsibility     of tuning  the songs  and  upload them  in  youtube.  SCERT  will   provide  the   you tube  link and  any  teacher   can  play them   with their android  mobiles.

    PROCEEDINGS RC.221          Click For  Brochure

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