AP | TS 9th Class Summative Question Papers 2019: SA1 PAPERS

Summative Assessment CCE Model Question Papers for 9th Class 2017-18

CCE Model Paper for AP Class 9 is being prepared by jobsbadi Team and will be uploaded soon here. We have collected some links from the web. Kindly Download these for now.

AP Academic Calendar 2018-19

CCE Summative Model Papers 2018-19

all the candidates who want to download Summative Test model paper 2018-19 they can download from official website of Summative www.ssa.nic.in. don’t be late download your Test Model Paper now.

SA1 Social Question Papers CCE 2018

Summative 6th Class Model Question Papers

Summative 7th Class Model Question Papers

Summative 8th Class Model Question Papers

Summative 9th Class Model Question Papers

Summative 10th Class Model Question Papers

Click here to download 9th Class Physical Science – Summative assessment – 2 Model paper by Sri V. Nagamurthy – English Medium





3.MATHS 5 Topper_summative_assesment_termII_sample_paper_5_classIX0

English Communicative (Class IX)
English Language and Literature (Class IX)
English Communicative (Class X) Exam specifications
English Communicative (Class X) Sample Paper
English Language and Literature (Class X)
Hindi A (Class X)
Hindi B (Class X)
Sanskrit (Class X)
Hindi A & B (Class IX)
Sanskrit (Class IX)
Social Science (Class X)
Social Science (Class IX)
Mathematics (Class X)
Mathematics (Class IX)
Science (Class X)
Science (Class IX)
Elements of Book Keeping & Accountancy (Class X)
Elements of Book Keeping & Accountancy(Class IX)
Elements of Business (Class IX)
Elements of Business (Class X)
Punjabi (Class IX)
German (Class IX)
Japanese (Class IX)
Russian (Class IX)
Spanish (Class IX)
Persian (Class IX)
French (Class IX)
Urdu Course A (Class IX)
Urdu Course B (Class IX)
Urdu Course B (Class X)
Arabic (Class X)
Carnatic Music (Class IX/X)
Hindustani Music (Class IX/X)
Painting (Class IX/X)
Bhutia (Class IX/X)
Kannada (Class IX/X)
Lepcha (Class IX/X)
Limboo (Class IX/X)
Malayalam (Class IX/X)
Nepali (Class IX/X)
Odia (Class IX/X)
Tamil (Class IX/X)
Telugu (Class IX/X)
Tibetan (Class IX/X)
Home Science (Class IX)
Home Science (Class X)
Foundation of IT (Class X)
Foundation of IT (Class IX)
e-Typewriting (Class IX)
Sindhi (Class IX & X)
Marathi (Class IX & X)
Gujarati (Class IX)
Gujarati (Class X)
Bengali (Class IX)
Bengali (Class X)


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